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Mark van Oppen & Andrea Ravnik / 2.10.18


Strangers living in the same downtown building, Mark and Andrea met in Spring 2012, by coincidence at the concierge desk.  Over the following weeks and months they developed a friendship that inevitably became romantic.  They now often joke that the concierge in their building was truly full service.

After moving in together later in 2012, Mark and Andrea quickly realized they shared a love of traveling and began to explore the world together.  Trips have included Vienna, Salzburg, Victoria, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Reykjavik, London, Paris, Mexico, and Singapore, with many cities in between.  Mark and Andrea have thoroughly enjoyed their partnership across the globe and plan to continue their worldwide lifestyle for as long as possible.

In May 2013 (Sir) Pocket joined the family and Mark and Andrea quickly became stereotypical Seattle Dog People. Pocket has happily become a co-worker, beloved member of the family, and can often be seen in the couple's adventures.

Mark and Andrea bought their first home together in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle in July 2014.  While home ownership was thrilling, downtown living was a better match, and in April 2016 Mark and Andrea sold their first home and returned downtown to  their current condominium.

Mark knew he would marry Andrea years before popping the question.  In mid-2014, he bought a diamond and carefully noted her ring size and preferences.  Over the next 18 months he had the ring made, and met with Andrea's family to get blessings and support.  In the weeks before Christmas 2015, Mark arranged to have dinner with Andrea and Grandfather (Frits van Oppen) at the Seattle Yacht Club, which was the location of one of the couple's first dates.  At this dinner on December 23rd, 2015, with Grandfather giving his happy approval, Mark asked Andrea to spend the rest of their lives together.  She tearfully said 'yes' and Christmas 2015 was spent sharing the big news with family.

These photos are various images of Mark and Andrea traveling, experiencing new cultures & cuisines, boating in the San Juan Islands, strolling the city streets with Pocket and enjoying the simple pleasures of life together. Check out their adventures!